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Relocate with Ease: Let Our Relocation Lawyers Assist You

At Gordon Y McDiarmid, you can expect trustworthy legal services as we work to protect your rights. We recommend discussing your case with our team before making any crucial decisions. With our years of experience in helping families relocate, our relocation lawyers in Kingston have the right resources to guide you.
We also function as an integral part the relocation team for several companies along with being the:

  • Executive Relocation Service Providers
  • Military and RCMP Relocation Service Provider (known as Brookfield)

We are also well versed with the DND requirements. As Brookfield Relocation services form a huge component of our services, we have smoothly relocated many families. We are also registered with Brookfield Global Relocation Services (BGRS),- the preferred realtors when relocating to or from Kingston.


If you need to buy or sell a home in Kingston and surrounding areas, you have landed at the correct place. We welcome all Brookfield Relocation Military and Canadian Forces, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Members. You can also fill out the form below to know more about our compilation package.

I Am Relocating from Kingston and Would like Help or More Information!

Our years of experience helping families relocate means that we have many resources and advice that we can offer people relocating. Here are just a few often asked questions by our clients, based on our experience in dealing with Military and RCMP relocations. Please contact us and let us help you make your move and enjoyable one:

Question: I have been told that I am being posted, however I have yet to receive my confirmation message. Can I enlist my house for sale?
Answer: Yes, you can put your house up on the market. However, the uncertainty can be an issue for many buyers, as the acceptance can only be signed conditional on you receiving your message. This is why it is crucial to prepare in advance. When you hire us, we will come and take pictures, videos, and measurements to immediately set the listing to active. We provide Brookfield Military Relocation, as well. You can also turn to us if you are facing a unique situation.

Question: What is the ideal time to start planning my house hunting?
Answer: Taking into consideration our current possession period, 8-10 weeks should be ideal.
The Change of Strength (COS) date is your first day of the relocation. It is best to coordinate the acquisition and sale of your home to occur on your COS date. This will facilitate a door-to-door move. If the COS date does not coincide with the possession date of your home, due to a personal situation, or work requirements, you may need to obtain written approval for a new Report for Duty (RFD) date from your Commanding Officer.

Question: What other services can you help me with?
We can provide you with a recommendation on where to stay. Also, we can also give you a list of hotels that our past clients have enjoyed. If you are bringing your children along and are worried about how they will react to the process, we can help. If you need further assistance, just let us know!

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